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The Spotted Cow

The idyllic ruralness of this song, so beloved by
country folk at the time of its collection, belies its
urban origins as a broadside ballad. Harry Cox
sang a version and his tune may be an influence,
but the words used here were collected by one of
the Hammond brothers, from Amos Ash of Combe
Florey in Somerset. Again thinly veiled double
meanings abound.

The Song

One morning in the month of May, as from my cot I strayed.
Just at the dawning of the day, I met a charming maid.
I met a charming maid.

Good morning fair maid, whither says I so early tell me now,
The maid replied, kind sir she cried, I've lost my spotted cow.

No more complain, no longer mourn, your cow is not lost my dear,
I saw her down in yonder lawn, come love & I'll show you where.

I must confess you're very kind, I thank you sir said she.
You will be sure she's there to find, Come sweetheart go with me.

Into the grove we did repair, across yon flowery dell.
We hugged & kiss each other there, & love was all our tale.

Into the grove we spent the day, & thought it passed to soon,
At night we homeward bent our way, & brightly shone the moon.

If I should cross yon flowery dell, or go to view the plough.
She comes and calls her gentle swain,
I've lost my spotted cow.
She comes and calls her gentle swain,
I've lost my spotted cow.