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Here is My Home (Si Kahn Pub. Joe Hill ASCAP)
Ian - English Concertina and additional vocals
James - Fiddle

This song captivated me when I first heard it sung by Roy Bailey, and it continues to captivate me whenever I hear it. I think it speaks volumes about our world today, and expresses everything that is important to me about singing and sharing music with friends old and new.
Si Kahn is a great American songwriter and can always be relied upon to produce thought provoking subjects in song. I wish I had written this song.

The Song

Good friends from whom we now must part.
- Where are we bound.
Your hands and voices lift my heart.
- Here is my home.

Come darkness, come light, Where are we bound.
Come morning, come night, Here is my home

For those who work in harmony.
Can learn to live in unity.

If we can join ourselves in song.
Our hearts will live when we are gone.

The spirit that finds music here.
Will sing forever in the air.