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The Three Ravens
James - Octave Mandolin and Mandolin

Many years ago when I started singing on my own I
remember hearing the Northamptonshire singer
George Deacon sing this ballad (Child No. 26)
accompanied on a virginal, and it had a wonderfully
haunting quality. I have only recently rediscovered it
and love singing it. It was first published in 1611 by
Thomas Ravenscroft in his “Melismata”, and that is
one of the versions to be found in Child. The word
“Leman” in the final verse is an archaic word for
Lover or Paramour.

The Song

There were three ravens sat on a tree
- Down a down, hay down, hay down
There were three ravens sat on a tree
- with a down
There were three ravens sat on a tree
They were as black as they might be
- With a down derry derry derry down down.

The one of them said to his mate
“Where shall we our breakfast take”

Down in yonder greeny field
There lies a knight slain under his shield.

His hounds they lie down at his feet
So well they do their master keep

His hawks they fly so eagerly
There is no fowl come near him nigh

Down there comes a fallow doe
As great with young as she might go

She lifted up his bloody head
And kissed his wounds that were so red

She got him up upon here back
And carried him to an earthen lake

She buried him before the prime
She was died herself ere even-song time

Oh God send every gentleman
Such hawks, such hounds and such leman.