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Winter Man (Chris Leslie Pub. Free Music/UK)
Chris - Fiddle

I have known Chris for over thirty years. He is a
fabulously talented singer, fiddler and mandolin
player, and has written some really great songs.
I believe this beautiful song was one of the first he
ever wrote, and recorded with his brother John,
like Chris; both Adderbury Morris Men.

Many, many memories!

The Song

Christmas eve is nigh at last
The snow is on the ground O
Although I tread not very light
You cannot hear a sound.
So while you sit down by the fire
To toast it with a dram
Safeguard your children through the night
For I come the Winter man

Blankets, door locks, spitting fires,
Cannot keep me out O
And you cannot hear me come
Although I loudly shout
Windows plenty I will paint
To show that I have been
Such wondrous work in all the World
I'm sure was never seen.

When at last my rule is o'er
I cannot linger on
Spring it comes to beat me out
With the lark and the thrushes song
Then I'm defeated I'll admit
It's all that I can say
But before the sun can catch me up
I quietly run away.

4. As verse 1,